Women, You are Born to be Better Stock Market Investors!

Note a man would rather drag himself through mud and bleed than ask for help…

If a man gets lost driving, the ego part of the guy that wouldn’t want to pull over and ask for directions.  If it were a woman however, she’ll just naturally pull over
and ask for help.

Men hide their shortcomings and refuse to seek help no matter how dire, they wanna prove they can handle the situation.

Unlike men, women won’t brag to their friends at the country club about how much money they make.

Women do what works without having to prove that they’re better, which makes them great investor candidates.

So why aren’t more women invested in the stock market?!

I decided to seek the answer one day during a severe case of writer’s block while writing my book, Wall Street Kitchen. Surely there were more women out there (other than my mom) who take control of their finances. What I found only made me believe more that women should invest instead of men.

Make your money work for you. It’s not going to do anything sitting inside a piggy bank.

I came across an article by Laurie Itkin from the Wharton Magazine back in Dec 2014:

 “I’m afraid of losing any money,” is the most common answer I receive when I ask a woman why she keeps all her money in a checking or savings account. Often she will add, “I’m conservative when it comes to money.”

If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m an advocate of the stock market and I invest the vast majority of my savings in it. Those women with all their money sitting in their checking or savings accounts look at me like I’m some daredevil who jumps out of airplanes sipping a cosmopolitan. They may think that, but ask my husband and he’ll tell you I’m one of the most risk averse, unadventurous women he has ever known.

The very reason I invest my money in the stock market instead of leaving it in the equivalent of cash is because I am so risk averse. Based on my education and experience, I believe a woman who doesn’t invest is actually taking on more risk than I do. If that woman loses her job, she has nothing else that generates income for her. She must burn through her savings. If she counts on marrying a successful man, what if that prince never shows up? A few of my friends are waiting on proceeds from a life insurance policy or a large inheritance from their wealthy parents, but I don’t think most women fall in that camp.” 

Most women think they can’t afford to invest in the market, but Laurie and my mom think the complete opposite.  To put food on the table, to keep the lights on, the water flushing, for her family’s sake, she can’t afford NOT to invest her money.

Why should women believe that men are the only ones capable of making money in stocks?  Men don’t have any real advantage in the stock market compared to women.  They don’t.  Think about it.  If it were guys vs. girls in sports, say basketball or track and field, then men would clearly have an advantage because of physical stature.  If it were a lifting competition, same thing.  But not in stocks.

Because in the stock market, his dollar and her dollar have the exact same power.

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