Wall Street Kitchen

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You don’t need to be educated or sophisticated to create wealth on the stock market. Mom is living proof. Just as she cooks using simple, healthy ingredients, she has generated a return of over 1,000% working one hour each day with simple, healthy investment recipe.

Join us around the old oak table for some tea, snacks and a heart-to-heart discussion of how you can have fun and make money investing in stocks.

Discover why mutual funds can cost you big time!

Learn how women can be more successful investors than men.

Follow Moms recipe to wealth!

Regardless of whether you are a novice or seasoned investor, Moms investing philosophy and view on behavioral finance will allow you to become a success.

Mom Knows Best!

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Honorable Mention for the 2017 Eric Hoffer Award in E-book Non-Fiction category! Also, in the US Review of Books!

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“Although stock market investing is normally a befuddling topic, it becomes lucid lessons in investing with Victor Chiu’s heartwarming presentation of his mother’s methods….

An empowering triumph for the average person – especially women, who may believe that success with stock market investing is out of reach…

I enjoyed the entertaining, inspirational, and illuminating read that Wall Street Kitchen turned out to be. What really works in the book is the uniquely engaging premise of learning investment lessons, which come from a relatable source. After all who doesn’t love a friendly Mom?”


Lisa Brown-Gilbert 
Hollywood Book Reviews


” The information contained in his book is a must-read for those who are ready to start investing on their own… I would recommend this book for anyone interested in learning the ups and downs of the mysterious Stock Market.”

Alyssa Elmore 
Readers’ Favorite



“Any reader who absorbs lessons from Wall Street Kitchen can easily duplicate her success…Chiu’s seemingly casual approach to his subject belays a deeper perspective that is more inviting and revealing than formulas alone could offer.”

Diane Donavan 
Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


“Wall Street Kitchen teaches you how to embrace the ups and downs of the market and not fear getting into it when times are rocky. This book is a MUST read for the serious investor.”

Raymond Y 
Founder of West Point Grey Academy, Vancouver, BC