Our Purpose


coffee-cupIn 2013, only 52% of American adults have money in stocks, according to Statistica.com. Compared to that, about 83% of the adult population are coffee drinkers, according to the National Coffee Drinking Trends.

The coffee stat, although still quite shocking, isn’t the problem – I never say no to a fresh cup of medium roast Americano in the morning myself. What bothers me is the lack of people using the world’s greatest engine for wealth creation, the stock market.

Okay, I get it, most people believe lack the math skillz, the reaction, the timing, the experience, and technical know-how to make money in stocks. And because of this, they’re scared to get in. Others think it’s too complex, a game reserved only for the swank guys on Wall Street in their $10,000 suits.

No. This mentality has to change…

  • You don’t need fancy education.
  • You don’t need a super computer that feeds you real time up-to-date information.
  • You don’t even need a lot of money to start.
  • All you need is common sense, a $200 laptop with an internet connection, and a cup of joe.

Let’s face it, you’ve always wanted to get involved in stocks but didn’t know where to start. The answer you seek lies here on this blog. Starting today, I will share with you my story, a story on what it truly means to be awesome in investing. I’m making it and I feel it’s my humble duty to provide you with my view on the markets and how to kick ass at it.

Why do this?

Because I want to change people’s lives for the better as I believe everyone from any walk of life is entitled to a fighting chance in the markets. If this blog makes even a positive change on just 1 person’s life, it will make the effort of creating all this worthwhile – And to prevent you from falling head over heels in markets like this…efron-fall