Happy Canada Day!


Hello everyone! It’s a stat holiday here in Canada and I’m in the office, so today I decided to discuss the complaints people are making recently about daily living/expenses. I’m sure you’ve all heard statements like:

“My car insurance is higher than last year, is that what I get for safe driving?”


“The hydro bill I received last week keeps going up! The hydro company is such a scam.”

How about,

At least someone loves taxes….

“My property taxes have gone up another 15% from last year.  Everything is going up except my wages!”

The truth is that most people on our planet can’t afford a car to complain about car insurance, let alone a home to vent about property taxes and hydro bills.

Perhaps it’s in our nature to complain regardless of how good we have it, sort of a way to open up a conversation topic so to speak.  Or because we are so conditioned culturally as a direct result of the environment in which we take for granted that every little negative thing we find in our lives provides us the irresistible urge to immediately complain it to others – blowing it out of proportion more often than not.

When was the last time we stopped and gave thanks to everything we normally oversee and take for granted?

With starving children in Africa; women and children living in fear due to war and civil unrest in the Middle East; economic and political instability in Venezuela and other parts of South America; pollution, poverty, and corruption in Asia; and others who are forced to perform soul-crushing work in factories under inhumane conditions only to make less than what we pay for a burger at McDonald’s, I simply can’t bring myself to complain about our 1st world problems.

This is a little girl in Nicaragua. I couldn’t search anymore after seeing this image.

Really, so what if our bills are more year after year?  Is it not worth our freedom? The clean air and water we breathe and drink?  Our exceptional healthcare and education system for our children to grow up on?

We get to live the life most people in this world can only dream about.  Take a moment to reflect on all the wonderful things we take for granted here the next time you feel that urge to share your resentment about your upcoming cell phone bill – you’ll be much healthier and happier as a result.





Happy Canada Day!

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